New Beginnings

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Hello World, welcome to my story. I hope you all stick around to see my legacy unfold as well as future generations. Behind me you will see a beautiful house created by Ladyloial. That is her name on the gallery. The house is called The Anderson House so if you want it stop by her gallery page and snag it for yourself, she is an amazing builder. I am so excited to be out of CAS and in game again. Do you know how boring it is to sit there and not do anything. It sucks, glad my creator got her head out of the clouds.

*glares at simself* Hey I have a busy schedule I am making an effort. So I should get some points for that. 

Nope you sure don’t and hush this is my story to tell not your.

*rolls eyes* Continue then oh great story teller. 

Thank you, Sorry folks for that rude interruption anyways this is where I live. I have big dreams and desires. I am going to open a few restaurants, find the girl of my dreams, and have a family. So now that you have seen my house, let’s all go to my restaurants.

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Here it is in all it’s glory Panda Diner. Well It must look way better on the inside, at least I hope it is. Might as well open it up and start the first shift.  Fingers crossed this isn’t a flop and I fail on my first day.

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Well the day went by with ease.  I needed to send the staff to training after their shifts. They need some serious improvements on their skills. Hey big me why couldn’t you hire staff with better skills?


Fine don’t answer me. It is better if you don’t talk anyways. So overall I didn’t do too bad. I broke even on my first day so no profit but it is a start.  I didn’t realize running a restaurant was such hard work. I really need to work on my business skills if this is going to be a success.

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After a long day at the diner I went home and took a lavender soak. That is one of the things me and big me love baths. It is so relaxing.


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*Does Happy Dance* Yes she is finally asleep I can talk. So that is my simself, she is just as sarcastic as me and a handful as well.  You won’t hear much from me in this story it will be told by her.  Occassionally from time to time I will pop in and say something or I will just be arguing with her. Which happens most of the time. What can I say we are a lot of like she is my simself after all.  I hope you all enjoyed this chapter stay tuned for more. I’m off before I wake her up. Take care all. Happy Simming. 




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