Out On The Town

06-12-16_4-30-02 PM

Hello beautiful readers, you may notice that I look like I just lost my cat or favorite toy. Both are not the case my social is low and I am really lonely.  That is why after I finish the pizza I am having for breakfast it is off to the gym to work out and meet new people.

06-12-16_4-36-35 PM

As you can see from the picture my trip to the gym was successful. I met this cutie her name is Harper and she is the trainer at the gym. So of course I had to ask her to train me. Who wouldn’t want this little cutie training them.  After a good work out to get ride of the calories from eating all that pizza I invited Harper over to hang out and get to know each other.  Who knows I might have found my soul mate.

I agree I’ve never seen you look at another sim like that before.

Hush you aren’t suppose to talk and what do you mean never looked at another sim like that before. I have so.

No you haven’t and you know it. She is the first sim that has ever gotten more than a second glance from you.

Fine whatever moving on with the story now and ignoring you.

06-12-16_4-41-21 PM

So after the gym I went straight home to freshen up. Maybe big me was right I might really like her. I am much like her in a sense I could less about appearances and most of the time am in sweats and a tank top at home. Though for Harper I went home I changed my outfit, did my hair, and make up. I don’t know why seeing as she already saw me in work out clothes. I just wanted to put a little effort into it is all.


06-12-16_4-43-05 PM

When Harper arrived she was shocked by the size of my house. I told her I had inherited it along with a small fortune.  If things go well I will tell her exactly how I got this beautiful home and how I got my money, but for now she doesn’t need to know about big me. I invited her inside and we decided to watch a movie and hang out.

06-12-16_4-47-16 PM

Well actually we did not end up watching the movie. We spent most of the time just chatting away. Harper is a trainer at the gym until she can get into a business career. That is her main goal to run a successful company. Her favorite color is red and her eyes light up every time she laughs. Her laugh is adorable. She like to exercise a lot, me not so much, but she did tell me about yoga and how it is relaxing and a great form of exercise. I told her I would look into it since running a restaurant is stressful.

06-12-16_4-48-58 PM

After chatting for hours we decided to exchange numbers that way we can keep in touch. I also learned she isn’t seeing anyone at the moment. I was so excited to hear that. I enjoy spending time with Harper and plus she is a cutie. So tomorrow I will ask her on a date, and take another me day.  The great part about running a restaurant is you make your own schedule plus aging is set to long so I got a while to make my name in the restaurant business.


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