Friends become Lovers

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So the day had finally arrived Harper had agreed to have a date with me.  I knew if I took her to my restaurant I would end up working so I took her to this little seafood place.  The atmosphere was charming and wait staff were wonderful.

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While we waited for our meal we talked about everything. The more I got to know Harper the more I wanted to be around her. My simself was right I never really paid much attention to other sims, but with Harper it was different. There was this connection, I felt draw to her and wanted her to be around me constantly. I just met the girl and I can’t get her out of my head.  Dinner was fabulous. I highly recommend taking your sims to this cute little restaurant.

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So after dinner were were saying out goodbyes but neither one of us was leaving. I had the urge to kiss her goodbye. So I ignored the nervous knot in my stomach and went for it.

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At first I could see the shock on her face but then she kissed me back.  This cooling wave of relief washed over me.  After kissing her I didn’t want the date to end so I invited her back over to my place.


We hung out in the hot tub when we got to my place. It was relaxing but something still nagged at me I would have to say good bye. She would go home and I would have this big empty home to myself. So Before we got out I asked her to move in. The few minutes it took her to answer were agonizingly painful.  I felt like running but I stayed and waited.  Finally she gave me her answer. I was so happy things turned hot and heavy really quick. My love was going to be living with me.  So we broke in the hot tub let me tell you it was a blast.  Though something came from that little dip in the hot tub.

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That’s right folks I’m pregnant. Don’t look so shocked, I love Harper for who she is.  We are starting a family and I can’t wait to tell her.

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Needless to say Harper was a little stressed about finding out I was pregnant.

“A baby, how can we afford to take care of a baby. I just started my career.” Harper stuttered and stammered.

“Relax, hun I have more than enough money. We will be well taken care of.” I said trying to soothe her.

“Exactly your money not mine.” Harper had tears in her eyes as she was speaking.

“It is our money. I love you and our little one. Whats mine is yours.” I hugged her tightly.

After a long conversation she was calm and happy about the little one on the way.   I can’t wait to meet our bundle of joy. Till next time all.


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