A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

Hello all just a quick word from me and then my simself will be taking over the story. The restaurant used in this post was made by my friend LessThanZero. His orgin ID is LessThanZeroSims. The restaurant is called Skewer Corn BBQ.  You should really check out his builds and Youtube Channel He is amazing at what he does. Ok I’m off for now see you all later. 



Today is a very special and important day. I’m so lost in my thoughts that I made salad for breakfast, at least it is healthy. Today I am taking Harper out for a Romantic day and I’m nervous as all hell. The box I have hidden in my dresser draw feels like a ton of bricks. I mean she did move in with me so hopefully she will say yes, but I still have my doubts. I hope I don’t chicken out at the last minute. Look at me I’m rambling again ok moving on.


Our Day starts off at the spa with me and Harper getting  manicures and pedicures. It was so nice to relax and spend the day with her. She seemed to really enjoy herself which makes me so happy.


We then went to relax in the sauna. Well actually I was hoping to get a little frisky with her in the sauna. I was so nervous about it I pretended to check the time. I don’t even own a watch what the hell was I thinking. Harper is just enjoying herself and I’m over here freaking out. I need to relax and stop letting my nerves get the best of me.


After the frisky trip in the sauna we decided to get hot stone massages. That massage really did the trick I no longer felt nervous I felt completely relax and ready for what the evening had in store.


We headed to the restaurant big me had picked out. It is called Skewer Corn BBQ.  The dress code is a little out but having dinner in my pjs is quite fun. So while waiting for our food Harper started getting suspicious.

“So whats with all the pampering today? I know you are a tab bit romantic but what gives?”

“I just wanted to spend a relaxing and romantic day with my love. Is that too much to ask for?” Ok yes I lied through my teeth but it would spoil the surprise.

“I guess not, I sound ungrateful but I have had an amazing day. Thanks sweetie.”


I barely touched my food after it came. I was too lost in thought. After the meal was other I would pop the question. Would she say yes? Would she turn me down? My stomach was in knots and I was trying to calm down. So glad I got an adult beverage to calm my nerves.


After the meal I brought her over to the lantern tree. “Harper you were right I had something special planned tonight. That is while we spent a romantic day and evening together.”


“I know we haven’t been together long but I love you. You’re my soulmate and I want to spend the rest of my days with you by my side.”


So I pulled out the ring closed my eyes and said “Will you marry me?” It seemed like an eternity before Harper answered me.


She said yes. Oh my god I can’t believe  she said yes. I did a fist pump right there. I was so excited the woman I love is going to marry me.


She was so happy she jumped right into my arms. I have the most amazing girl in the world. When she looks at me like that I just want to melt.


So while she was still in my arms I asked “So when should we start planning the wedding.”

“As soon as possible.” was her response. She gave me a quick kiss and we headed home to tell Manny the good news.  That is right folks I’m getting married. I can’t wait to share all the wedding details with you all. Till next time.

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