Time Flies

06-15-16_11-14-13 PM

I know what you all must be thinking. Didn’t she just get pregnant? How is she in labor all ready? To be honest big me forget to take pictures of game play before I went into labor. I think she would lose her head if it wasn’t attached.

Hey I said I was sorry. 

I know but you should be better at this. This isn’t your first story after all. Anyways I am in labor and my face says it all. I am so happy to have my little bundle of joy but labor is painful.




There he is my little bundle of joy Manny Simtales. He is just adorable and I love my little man. I can’t wait to have more kids but Harper wants to wait a little bit to be more established in her career so that is what we are going to do.


After having Manny I went straight to the restaurant to open up. That was a big mistake after the shift I went home and crashed on the couch. I think I should have given myself more time to recoup after having my baby boy.


Harper is an amazing mom. The minute he makes a peep she is running over to see whats the matter. I find it adorably funny. Here she was stressing about being a mom and she is great at it. 06-26-16_11-56-40-pm

Soon it was time for Manny to age up into a child. He is such as handsome little man. I know this chapter is short and sweet but the next one will chuck full of stuff and some exciting news. Till next time take care all.


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