Drifter House 1- Chapter 12

06-25-18_11-06-42 PM

Happy Birthday Steve.

06-25-18_11-07-11 PM

So Happy to have gray hair. At least he didn't lose color in his beard.

06-25-18_11-07-51 PM

Time for Simone to age up.

06-25-18_11-08-59 PM

I'm really going to miss her when we move on to house 2.

06-25-18_11-19-17 PM

Sweetie soon you will. Then you will wish you were back. I hope you enjoy sleeping on snow covered benches.

06-25-18_11-37-26 PM

She completed her aspiration just in time.

06-26-18_12-04-27 AM

Happy Birthday Amelia. All good things must come to an end. Time to move on to house 2. I have no idea why she trying to light her face on fire.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 11

06-25-18_7-29-03 PM

Steve helping his daughter with HW. He is such a great dad.

06-25-18_7-34-16 PM

Mother and Daughter bond over a game of Chess.

06-25-18_9-46-06 PM

Poor Steve slipped and fell in a mud puddle.

06-25-18_9-49-04 PM

Steve can not catch a break. He needs to leave the cake alone.

06-25-18_9-58-06 PM

Woot!!! way to go Amelia.

06-25-18_10-23-47 PM

The couple that naps together stays together.

06-25-18_11-01-08 PM

Family Time. Amelia looks annoyed like she don't want to be there.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 9

06-25-18_1-02-56 PM

Amelia's Birthday Cake. Time for her to become a teen. Time flies in the sims.

06-25-18_1-05-12 PM

The Guests are arriving and the party is starting.

06-25-18_1-07-10 PM

Simone sent her swarm to woo Steve. They formed a heart how cute.

06-25-18_1-09-18 PM

Everyone is Cheering Amelia as she blows out her candles.

06-25-18_1-09-03 PM

Happy  Birthday Amelia.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 7

06-25-18_11-25-18 AM

Yet another promotion. Simone is killing it.

06-25-18_12-12-48 PM

Family water balloon fight and Amelia has her sights set on her Dad.

06-25-18_12-13-35 PM

It's a direct hit. Way to go Amelia!!!!

06-25-18_12-48-31 PM

Amelia now has a PHD in Pollen. She has maxed her career way to go.  Look at that raise holy cow. We will be swimming in money now.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 6

06-25-18_10-57-21 AM

Amelia tries out the new swing set for the first time.

06-25-18_10-59-14 AM

Vi stops over and Simone asks her for a push.

06-25-18_11-00-42 AM

Simone returns the favor but judging by Vi's clenched teeth smile she is not enjoying it.

06-25-18_11-09-23 AM

Amelia got her grades up all on her own. So proud of her.

06-25-18_11-05-24 AM

Some mother daughter bonding time. Love these too so much.

06-25-18_11-24-22 AM

Amelia has done it again. She is a straight A student. I guess her trouble making days are behind her.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 5

06-24-18_6-57-41 PM

Simone is just racking in those promotions.

06-24-18_7-11-14 PM

Steve's birthday arrives and he celebrates at home.

06-24-18_7-31-01 PM

Followed by Simone's Birthday.

06-24-18_7-35-17 PM

Last but not least Amelia ages up into a child. Hopefully her trouble making days are behind her.

06-24-18_7-41-16 PM

It's Love Day which means it is only fitting to take Steve on a date.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 4

06-23-18_5-39-56 PM

Amelia is now a toddler and she is so adorable. I just want to squeeze her so much. <3

06-23-18_7-04-36 PM

Daddy teaches her words while mommy bonds with her bees.

06-23-18_7-13-51 PM

Rough housing with Daddy.

06-23-18_7-50-17 PM

Drifter House 1 is built now to furnish it and decorate it.

06-24-18_6-29-00 PM

Amelia is up to no good.

06-24-18_6-29-43 PM

This girl just won't stay out of trouble. Terrible twos are awful.

06-24-18_6-52-05 PM

Bath time for this little trouble maker.

Drifter House 1- Chapter 3

06-23-18_3-11-09 PM

Simone is about ready to pop and Steve gets to feel the baby for the first time.

06-23-18_3-29-24 PM

It's time to meet our little bundle of joy. Now if only Steve would relax. Not like he has to push this thing out.

06-23-18_3-31-53 PM

Meet our beautiful baby girl Amelia Drifter. She is so precious.

06-23-18_5-21-17 PM

Another Promotion for Mrs. Simone Drifter. Her bonus is so fitting.

06-23-18_5-49-03 PM

Cowplant Betty is all grown up.