Drifter House 1- Chapter 11

06-25-18_7-29-03 PM

Steve helping his daughter with HW. He is such a great dad.

06-25-18_7-34-16 PM

Mother and Daughter bond over a game of Chess.

06-25-18_9-46-06 PM

Poor Steve slipped and fell in a mud puddle.

06-25-18_9-49-04 PM

Steve can not catch a break. He needs to leave the cake alone.

06-25-18_9-58-06 PM

Woot!!! way to go Amelia.

06-25-18_10-23-47 PM

The couple that naps together stays together.

06-25-18_11-01-08 PM

Family Time. Amelia looks annoyed like she don't want to be there.

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