Drifter House 1- Chapter 12

06-25-18_11-06-42 PM

Happy Birthday Steve.

06-25-18_11-07-11 PM

So Happy to have gray hair. At least he didn't lose color in his beard.

06-25-18_11-07-51 PM

Time for Simone to age up.

06-25-18_11-08-59 PM

I'm really going to miss her when we move on to house 2.

06-25-18_11-19-17 PM

Sweetie soon you will. Then you will wish you were back. I hope you enjoy sleeping on snow covered benches.

06-25-18_11-37-26 PM

She completed her aspiration just in time.

06-26-18_12-04-27 AM

Happy Birthday Amelia. All good things must come to an end. Time to move on to house 2. I have no idea why she trying to light her face on fire.

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