Drifter House 1- Chapter 4

06-23-18_5-39-56 PM

Amelia is now a toddler and she is so adorable. I just want to squeeze her so much. <3

06-23-18_7-04-36 PM

Daddy teaches her words while mommy bonds with her bees.

06-23-18_7-13-51 PM

Rough housing with Daddy.

06-23-18_7-50-17 PM

Drifter House 1 is built now to furnish it and decorate it.

06-24-18_6-29-00 PM

Amelia is up to no good.

06-24-18_6-29-43 PM

This girl just won't stay out of trouble. Terrible twos are awful.

06-24-18_6-52-05 PM

Bath time for this little trouble maker.

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