Drifter House 2- Chapter 1

06-29-18_7-04-01 PM
Mom stops by for a visit. I just love this family so much. <3
06-29-18_7-06-48 PM
Amelia finds a pile of leaves to play with. Though her change in skin color suggests she needs her winter gear on.
PicMonkey Image
The Gnomes come and nothing she does makes them happy. Evil little buggers.
06-29-18_7-12-19 PM
All she did was give the buggers some coffee and apple pie. Who doesn't love that stuff. It was a shocking experience for Amelia.
06-29-18_9-49-12 PM
Damnit the maid is a lady. On to the next service sim.
06-29-18_10-13-40 PM
It's finally winter n Willow Creek So beautiful.
06-29-18_10-14-28 PM

Amelia makes her first snow angel. Winter here is nothing like Oasis Springs and she loves it.

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