Behind The Scenes


Hello all,

My name is Amanda but you can call me Manda. Everyone else does so why not you. I am a mother to two beautiful boys, I work full time, and am earning my bachelors in Business Administration.  In my spare time I make YouTube videos, as well as writing stories again. Well at least one story about my simself. I love camping, fishing, listening to music, reading, cooking, baking, and swimming. Oh dear, I sound like I”m writing up a dating profile. Well I am single so you never know I might meet my soul mate through my site. Sorry I have a weird since of humor. I will let you know my site is a judgement free zone, I will not stand for rude comments, or being mean. I will respect you if you respect me that is how it works.  I do this for fun and enjoyment, this is how I unwind and have fun. I am very introverted so I am not a social creature, so I make my friends online. Though I do have like two to three friends in real life. So I’m not a complete hermit and hide from the world. Anyway I am rambling so I better wrap this up. I hope you all enjoy my site, be sure to check out my YouTube channel as well. Also if you want to contact me you can reach me at That is my email for my site. So all questions or concerns about the site or my Youtube channel can be direct there. Take care all and happy simming.