Drifter House 2-Chapter 5

07-01-18_10-17-54 AM

Happy Birthday Claira

07-01-18_10-21-05 AM

She is so cute <3

07-01-18_10-24-27 AM

Awww she loves her Doll House.

07-01-18_10-39-32 AM

I spoke too soon. Really Claira you know you gonna cry afterward because you destroyed it.

07-01-18_10-40-03 AM

I told you so, now what you going to do for fun.

07-01-18_11-10-13 AM

She found a mud puddle to play in instead.

07-01-18_11-10-22 AM

Ahh to be young and carefree.

07-01-18_10-31-08 AM

Bedtime for Miss Claira

07-01-18_10-48-13 AM

Another promotion for Amelia.

07-01-18_10-50-47 AM
07-01-18_3-18-36 PM

Drifter House 2- Chapter 4

06-30-18_9-56-15 AM

He Said Yes!!!!

06-30-18_9-57-33 AM

Congrats to the Happy Couple.

06-30-18_10-09-06 AM

Gave him a slight makeover!

06-30-18_10-38-30 PM

Home Sweet Home.

06-30-18_10-02-37 AM

Promotion Time for Amelia!!

06-30-18_9-55-58 PM

Nooboo Incoming!!

06-30-18_10-51-14 PM

Another Promotion.

06-30-18_10-46-50 PM

I hope there is only one in her belly.

06-30-18_10-56-07 PM

She is calmly eating breakfast while he has a freak out due to incoming Nooboo.

06-30-18_10-59-42 PM

Welcome to the Drifter Family Claira.

Drifter House 2- Chapter 3

06-30-18_9-36-01 AM

*Throws hands up in defeat* Seriously I give up that's it she is destined to fail and be alone the rest of her life. Ok Dramatic rant is over. Now on to your normal scheduled program.

06-30-18_9-29-39 AM

Mom may be a ghost but she hasn't left. She invited Amelia out to spend some quality mother-daughter bonding time. <3

06-30-18_9-23-23 AM

So dad died as well but didn't get a notification for it. Silly game At least we got to spend some time with him.

06-30-18_9-40-45 AM

Oh, my lucky stars we have found a winner, folks. His name is Nobuya and he is a Geek, Cheerful, and Loves outdoors.

06-30-18_9-44-34 AM

Amelia Invites him over to build a snowman. We are so not letting him get away.

06-30-18_9-55-04 AM

Frist Kiss <3

06-30-18_9-55-58 AM

Fingers Crossed he says Yes.